Wilt – 2016


  1. Clarity
  2. See You Around
  3. German Unification Techniques
  4. Elle Est Dangereuse
  5. Cold Reading
  6. Tender
  7. The Wedding Gun
  8. Book of Mirrors (Slight Return)
  9. Für Nina
  10. Shift


Order: petermoerenhout@hotmail.com

Bloom – 2013BloomCD_Alt_V0750

  1. Alcatraz Schmalcatraz
  2. The Gods Do Try
  3. I’m Deranged
  4. They Don’t Know It Yet
  5. Clemency

“I’m Deranged” – Music Video

“I’m Deranged” – Teaser

Order: petermoerenhout@hotmail.com

Rise – 2012RiseCD_Alt_V0750

  1. Beg to Differ
  2. Book of Mirrors
  3. Berçeuse Presque Heureuse
  4. Murphy’s Law
  5. So Long

Beg to Differ – Music Video

Order: petermoerenhout@hotmail.com

“…Anywhere Nice to Play” – 2009cd-hoes.indd

  1. The Stay of The Glue
  2. Beg to Differ
  3. Berçeuse Presque Heureuse
  4. I’m Deranged

Order: petermoerenhout@hotmail.com


Paca Selecta – 2013218358-paca-selecta-2013-cover-11122012-1241

Track: “Beg to Differ”





We Are the Chosen – 2010R-2614905-1293366264

Track: “The Stay of the Glue”


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